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The Pelvic Rotator Cuff Institute

The Pelvic Rotator Cuff Institute is dedicated to promoting education and research in the areas of sacroiliac and low back, balance and walking, bladder and bowel function as it relates to the pelvic rotator cuff and the autonomic nervous system.


Certification Courses

At successful completion of four webinars to include Beyond Kegels: Pelvic Muscle, Bladder & Bowel Dysfunction; Pelvic Rotator Cuff: Low back, SI, Hip, Knee & Ankle; and two other webinar courses offered for 4.5 hrs each by Phoenix Core Solutions and the Pelvic Rotator Cuff  Institute, a final post-test and submission of  2 case studies  the PRC Institute Certification is awarded.

Request in writing your desire to complete certification to Phoenix Core Solutions at phoenixi@phoenixpub.com. The Case Study format will be emailed to you. Four courses must be completed within 12 months. Within one year of completion of the four course attendance, submit two case studies of completed patient treatment following the case study format. Upon evaluation and acceptance of the case studies, passing of the post-test and submission of the $50.00 fee your certificate will be sent.

What you need for a webinar:


You will need a computer with high speed internet and speakers. You will watch and listen to the webinar over the computer. Make sure that your computer has the newest version of Adobe Flash Player downloaded. You can get this for free online if you do not have it. You will receive the handouts as a download at the end of registration. A separate email will contain the course content.

At the end of the webinar request the evaluation and post-test. Return these completed documents within 10 days. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate for 4.5 educational hours.


We will send a kit for the webinar through the mail. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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